Call for Abstracts

Biomedicine Engineering
Bioinformatics of Diseases
Biomedical Text Mining and Ontologies
Biological Data Mining and Visualization
Biomedical Intelligence & Clinical Data Analysis
BioMedical Signal/Image Analysis
Comparative Genomics
Computational Systems Biology
Gene Regulation and Transcriptomics
Massively Parallel Sequencing & Applications
Protein Structure, function, and interactions
Sequence Analysis, Evolution and Phylogeny
Translational Genomics in Engineering

Biological Systems and Models
Engineering Models in Bio-Medicine
Computer Assisted Intervention Systems
Medical Robotics
Biomedical & Biological Sensors
Cell Engineering
Microarray Technologies
Bioengineering Applications

Artificial Intelligence and Application
AI and the Web
Cognitive Systems
Computational Sustainability and AI
Heuristic Search
Human-Computer Collaboration
Machine Learning
Natural-Language Processing
Robotics and Vision
Natural language processing
Combined scheduling problem
Complex system
Genetic algorithm